About us

At RatedHolidays.co.uk, we want to help you find the perfect holiday. Our site allows you to search and compare millions of destinations, tailoring your trip to suit your requirements. From family vacations to business visits, from weekend escapes to unexpected, last minute adventures, our site is here to help you handle everything.

Based in the UK, RatedHolidays.co.uk is built around delivering what people really want. Not only does our search facility handle a huge number of possible destinations, but the comparison and review tools allow you to find the right places at the right prices. Our site allows you to set a budget for your search and to consider the experiences of others in order to make sure that – when it comes to your holiday – there is no need to settle for second best.

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Why choose ratedholidays.co.uk

If you are searching for the perfect holiday experience, RatedHolidays.co.uk is here to help you.

Our different approach to the vacation experience means that finding the right flights and the right hotels is a great deal simpler than it once was.

With feedback and reviews from customers who have been to the best destinations around the globe, you can quickly find the right experience.

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